Bert Ashley Williams Jr

President/Chairman of the Board

Bert Ashley Williams Jr.

Bert Ashley Williams Jr. owns and operates Deerwood Florist.  He is licensed and has practiced as a full time Funeral Director, serving many families in NE Florida. He is Chairman of BAW JR Enterprise, which includes Deerwood Florist, Deerwood Interiorscapes and Atlantic Florist. He is a board member for Teleflora local and nation memberships. He has grown his business to become one of the top 250 florists in the nation. He supports and contributes to charitable organization, such as NFAN, CF foundation, and Kiwanis International. He is a Florida native and graduate of The Broach School and Gupton Jones College of Mortuary Science.

His most important role in life was being a father to his son Dylan, the inspiration behind the Dylan A Williams Foundation. With Dylan’s passing in 2018, Bert’s new passion in life is to benefit youth with cystic fibrosis by providing scholarships to high school graduates to pursue their educational dreams.

Bert is also a member of Southside Baptist Church and The Florida Gun and Tackle Club.