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A Non-Profit Dedicated To Helping Youth With Cystic Fibrosis

Children with cystic fibrosis have the added challenge of numerous doctor visits and lengthy hospitalizations.  Because these individuals sometimes miss weeks of school, graduating from high school is a real accomplishment.  The cost of caring for children with CF can be staggering and many families just don’t have the means to afford further education either in college or a trade school setting.

Dylan Williams had plans to continue his education and was saving his graduation money to support this dream when the CF cut his life short 2 months after graduating high school.  The Dylan’s Dream Foundation supports students’ dreams by awarding scholarships to students living with cystic fibrosis who need financial assistance to further their education after high school.



Dylan's Dream is to benefit youth living with cystic fibrosis, by providing scholarships to high school graduates, for pursuit of their educational dreams.

Scholarships Awarded


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Deanna S.

Scholarship Recipient

I am a Cystic Fibrosis patient who resides in North Carolina. In all my experiences as a Cystic Fibrosis scholarship applicant I never would have thought this scholarship would consider me. One of the main reasons is because there are normally a lot of applicants so it makes it competitive, and I am sure applicants if chosen it would have been that they stood out from the rest! I count it a privilege to be a recipient of the Dylan’s Dream Scholarship. This experience was and still is a God sent! I am still in aww because this scholarship has done so much. It is a great ordeal when you are dealing with physical challenges as a CF patient. Not only that but I was dealing with my brother’s death last year and of course financial challenges. I am a college student and it affected me a great deal! But one fact about me and two for certain I do not give up easily! I try and explore every option, avenue, idea, to the very last. Above all I pray because that has always been my go-to since I knew how to pray! God is so good! I am just so grateful! This scholarship has helped me so much and still helping me as I continue through this semester! I am a fighter and I do not intend on giving up on myself nor having pity! This scholarship has encouraged me to keep going and pursue my dreams and goals that I yet will obtain. I thank Dylan’s Dream for giving a woman like me a chance to continue striving for my dreams. So that one day I can reach back and pour into others as well. To let them know that there is still hope and you can still strive in what you want. Blessings may not come in the form, shape, size, or people we may think but when it comes oh what an experience! Thank you, Dylan’s Dream, for this scholarship that is yet encouraging me to continue to not just dream but pursue it and live the dream! 

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